Hertford, North Carolina

Nov. 3 - 6, 2016

Season 25

Hertford, NC

Our 25th anniversary meant a return to our spiritual home to continue our ongoing support of A. L. S. research. Things did not go as planned, with a competitive screw-up in front of ALS patients pretty much ruining the weekend. Fate flipped us the bird in other ways too, as our planned flounder fishing tournament was cancelled due to the high winds of an impending storm. We adapted, playing Wiffle Ball in a giant storage facility with Dan Costigan dominating from the hill. We also lost Luther, who passed away from a long duel with Parkinson’s on September 26th. People tend to light up a room one of two ways—when they walk in or walk out—and Luther will always be remembered for the unbridled joy he brought to everything he did and everyone around him.


Jim "Catfish" Hunter Foundation