Vero Beach, Florida

Oct. 13 - 16, 1992

Season 2

Dodgertown ("Return to the Scene of the Grime")

The Terminator (Jeff Reardon), emerges from his white Cadillac in full Red Sox uniform, throws at least 200 pitches to us in the indoor batting cages. The legendary reliever breaks nine bats as the rain pours down outside. Jeff drove all the way up from his home in Palm Beach Gardens just to help us out.

The Tax Police is formed, as was the inaugural player draft.

This was also the year of the $20 Baked Potato. Just prior to Dodgertown a group of guys took a seaplane to tiny Bimini, Bahamas to play the locals. In the face of an incoming tropical storm with howling winds, the game ended in a 3-3 tie thanks to Rick Shaw’s last-inning homer, which bounced off the top of the cinderblock wall and over. Each of us had to kick in twenty bucks to pay for our banquet dinner. Smilin’ Jay Davis groused about it—the only one in the entire photograph of Americans and Bahamians frowning—since Jay didn’t like seafood or salad and figured he spent twenty bucks on a baked potato. His nickname stayed with him for the rest of his life.


Bob Moyer

Tournament MVP

Bob Pratt

Rookie of the Year


Randy Hart


Bob Pratt