Bimini, Bahamas

Oct. 13 - 16, 2006

Season 15

Bimini, Bahamas

Air Harley and Mickey the wacko pilot flew Andre (Hawk) Dawson over and back from Miami to help us during our school computer campaign. Hawk’s pre-game speech to the young Bimini Little Hawks gathered before him was straight to the point.

“Look at these men,” he said, “obviously on the downside of their careers.”

He had a point.

We delivered computers, routers, and printers for the island schools. Kids accessed computer time by reading books. Smilin’ Jay Davis atoned for his 1992 $20 baked potato by hitting a HR in his work gloves. Smiler never wore batting gloves, only outdoor work gloves.


Bimini, Bahamas


Ron Kittle's Indiana Sports Charities


Plano Baseball Association


Umpiring School


Hope For Families Center, Vero Beach, FL


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Mark Andregg

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Chairman's Award

Brave Stuart

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