Tempe Diablo Stadium

Phoenix, AZ

Oct. 18 - 21, 1996

Season 6

Tempe, AZ

Tempe Diablo Stadium was a nice idea but 110 degrees at 5 pm. The masseuse raked in a mountain of cash. The club nearly folding after the Dodgertown stick-up debacle the year before, Texas real estate executive Ted Darby steps in and saves the day. Delivery of a rocking chair to Rick Shaw in centerfield for his 40th birthday was a highlight, as was San Francisco fireman Tim Mayer wearing baseball spikes on Arizona State University's Karsten golf course. Tragedy struck with the tragic sudden passing of a young wife and mother, the guys circling around to support our brother in need. None of us knew what it was like to go to bed with the mother of your two young children, including a newborn, and wake up in the morning to find out it is now up to you to raise them. We refused to let him go through it alone. We banded together to help during a horribly sorrowful time. Supporting each other in times of need has grown to be a backbone of what makes this club so great.


Steve Mayer


Mike Steffgen