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Who Are We?
No Bats Baseball Club Founded in 1991, the No Bats Baseball Club ("NBBC") is a non-profit group dedicated to promoting charity and goodwill through baseball. We strive to support the charity work of those who have honored the game with ability, class, and integrity. No Bats promotes and fosters friendships and actively supports charities and foundations that either:
Themselves promote the game of baseball, or
Are personally endorsed and supported by baseball players, ballclubs, or organizations whose actions demonstrate the civic ideals and character to which baseball professionals should be held accountable.

NBBC views itself as a global advocate of goodwill that represents the sport in its most positive light. We encourage and support deserving charitable programs across a wide scale of interest, as well as the individuals who help protect the integrity of the game.

While many club members are in contact electronically throughout the year, No Bats assembles one weekend per year at rotating locales. We meet and play typically the first weekend in October. No Bats is non-competitive by design, a positive and supportive environment for all members. We pitch to our own teams, the object being for all attendees to be able to hit the ball safely into play. Members consist of men from about 30 states and three foreign countries, ranging in age from their 20s to 80s. They come from all backgrounds and vocations.

Participator attendance is usually around 56, which allows us to split into four teams of 14. While playing a few games of baseball is the excuse we make to gather each year, the focus of our weekend is the financial and moral support of the designated charity. We do not charge admission to our games, nor do we advertise our exhibitions to the public. Charity donations come from monies raised by club members on behalf of the charity. Checks are made out directly to the charity and 100 percent of all funds donated are turned over directly to the charity. The club stumps for money and hands it over.

No Bats has raised and donated over $1.2 million. A running list is available under the Donations section of the website. It’s a great roster of shared accomplishment that all the men take great pride in.

Best regards,

Ted Simendinger
Founder & Chairman
No Bats Baseball Club
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